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FLS Consult: the R & D arm of the group specializing in the provision of the following: Business Planning and Financial Management Review, Energy, Telecommunications, Management Information System, Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction Baseline Studies, Infrastructure and Utilities, Statistics and Economic Policy and Strategy, Project Management. Each Practice is made up of a number of highly qualified consultants and internationally experienced practitioners, who are involved in both the bidding cycle and on-going projects

Our Lead Consultants contribute to all aspects of an assignment, but in particular undertake and lead projects and new business development activities as assigned by the Client. Where relevant, they take responsibility for supervision of staff engaged on specific sections of a project and manage long and short term projects within their technical and managerial competencies in delivering quality service within a stipulated schedule.

At FLS Consult, We propose complex solutions. For that reason, we cooperate with eminent tax, business and accounting advisors in Sierra Leone and abroad, as well as other specialists in areas that require specific knowledge and qualifications. We are capable of setting up a team of advisors who are able to act immediately.

Also our reputation is founded on the ability to deliver services comparable in standard to that obtained in the western world. We perceive the confidence of our clients as one of our most important assets of our firm. We do not neglect insurance in our work; in the case of bigger projects we increase this insurance to a level required by our client.

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